Ama & Akua exists to celebrate the creativity of BIPOC & LGBTQ+-owned small businesses through curated gift boxes. As Black women, we know what it's like to be in spaces where we’re underrepresented, undervalued, and unseen. We’ve seen brands do the bare minimum regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re here to set a new standard.

Our Story

Representation matters, and we believe everyone deserves to be celebrated, not tolerated. 2020 highlighted many harsh realities, but it paved the way for many of us to stand up, advocate, and fight for change. Together we can honor those who create by giving an equitable gift to those we love.

You’re helping to close the racial wealth gap. 

You’re providing BIPOC & LGBTQ+ businesses with more visibility.

You’re joining the fight for economic and social justice. 

You’re celebrating diverse cultures 
while preserving their legacy

The Impact of Your Gift Purchase

Meet Doris (Ama)

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a single mom of three, I immigrated from Ghana over 33 years ago and put myself through nursing school. After celebrating 25 years as a nurse and founding a school in Ghana, I dreamed of starting another venture with my daughter Akua. That’s how Ama & Akua was born!

Meet Akua

My approach to life and business has always been unconventional. I discovered entrepreneurship through pageantry which led me to become a Storytelling Strategist. I believe in honoring people for who they are and sharing stories that connect us all. This is the heart behind what we do at Ama & Akua.

Give a gift that matters.

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